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The Family Pack Bundle is another favourite amongst our Mouthwatchers family as a true, value for money option.

2 Adult and 2 kids brushes provides a family of 4, quality dental hygiene for 3 months.

Design by Doctor Plotka, our Mouthwatchers Adult and Kids Toothbrushes gives you the finest cleaning experience.

The revolutionary antimicrobial dual layer flossing bristles*, are able to reach those difficult areas, leaving teeth and gums feeling like you’ve been to a professional dental cleaning.

  • Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria that builds up on bristles in 6 hours due to our proprietary silver bristle technology.*
  • Revolutionary Flossing Bristles™ – long, soft bristles with 1 micrometre diameter tips. Our bristles reach deep into teeth grooves and the periodontal pockets (area between tooth and gum) for superior cleaning, while harder inner bristles ensure complete cleaning of the outer surfaces and massage the gums.
  • Comfort grip handle
  • High quality construction
  • PBT Bristle material outlasts traditional nylon used in competitive brushes
  • Adult brushes have 2116 bristles!
  • Kids brushes have 1288 bristles!


A true value for money option.