Over 2000 flossing bristles™
eliminating 99.9% of bacteria
after each brush.

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Flossing Bristles

Our Patent Flossing Bristles are 1/100th the width of a human hair to reach every part of your teeth and gums. With over 2000 bristles in each brush, it means your pearly whites have never been in better care.

Preferred by Top Dentists

Dr Plotka has been practicing Dentistry for over 40 years. He is the creator of the Mouthwatchers brush which has been praised around the world by other dentists including The world famous dentist Dr. Gordon Christensen.

Anti Bacterial

Every toothbrush is the home to millions of bacteria which continue to multiply at alarming rates. The Mouthwatchers brush is clinically proven to eliminate 99.9% of all bacteria after each brush for a safer clean every time.

Designed for a better clean
with quality in mind.

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What do people say about Mouthwatchers...

  • Smiddy

    I have been using this product for over a year now, ever since I had an issue with some gingivitis due to using a retainer. I can really recommend this product because it gives such a good clean, much more than a normal toothbrush I would say. And my dentist has recently said I have excellent dental health now compared to before, so i'm very happy with the results and i do like getting a good report from the dentist, makes me feel better about things. Thanks guys!

  • Sally

    I have been buying these for a few years now. I too find these brushes amazing and cannot go back to a normal brush.

  • Peter

    I’ve been using a Mouthwatcher’s toothbrush for over 2 years and love it! Everytime I brush my teeth it feels like I’m getting a clean by a dentist. Would never go back to a normal toothbrush.

  • Loretta’s

    Fantastic! I love these toothbrushes!! They are so great to use and feel wonderful on my teeth. After using Mouthwatchers I could never go back to a mainstream store bought toothbrush again! My entire family are now converted too! I can’t recommend these toothbrushes highly enough!!